the Ultimate Zoomer’s Guide to a Non-traditional Wedding in Longview Texas

Embrace the unconventional and celebrate love in a unique way with our Ultimate Zoomer’s Guide to a Non-traditional Wedding.




10 ultimate suggestions for a non-traditional wedding celebration that is all about YOUR unique love story!


Skip the wedding party:

Break away from tradition by ditching the wedding party. Who needs the drama of hurt feelings when you have to limit your wedding party to only 10 friends?  Gen Z’ers are kicking this drama party to the curb. In the long run your friends will thank you for saving them the expense and they can still be honored guests. 



Walk down the aisle together and start your journey side by side.


The age of a father giving away a daughter has passed. We aren’t property and the sentimentality is too often complicated by divorced parents and mixed families. Another drama scene to quietly eliminate. Your first look could even be when you meet at the aisle. Or go one better and skip the aisle. Arrive from opposite sides of the ceremony site.


Morning ceremony with a breakfast reception:

Plan a morning ceremony followed by a delightful breakfast or brunch reception. It's a refreshing twist that sets the tone for a day filled with joy. Chicken & waffles anyone? How about a coffee truck? Ask your venue if they offer a midweek price reduction. Most venues would love an opportunity to book a Tuesday wedding. It never hurts to ask!



Go digital for invites, RSVPs, and gift registry:


Embrace technology by going digital for invitations, RSVPs, and gift registry. It's eco-friendly, efficient, and aligns perfectly with the Gen Z lifestyle. Create a wedding website with hotel information and local tours available for guests to enjoy over the wedding weekend. Be sure to include a ‘contact us’ link for guests to drop questions to a specific wedding email you set up beforehand. Give your wedding planner access to the email inbox if you’re comfortable with him/her responding to the inquiries.



Live stream the ceremony:

Make your celebration accessible to all by live streaming the ceremony. Invite only the closest friends and family to be physically present, while sharing the love with a broader audience online. Incorporate engaging elements like 3D virtual backgrounds, AR filters, and interactive features to make everyone feel a part of the celebration.



Surprise engagement party guests with the wedding ceremony:

Keep the excitement alive by surprising your engagement party guests with the actual wedding ceremony. It's a unique and unexpected twist that will leave everyone in awe. It's a Zoomer twist that adds an element of spontaneity.


Pizza buffet Instead of the traditional boring buffet:



Say goodbye to the traditional buffet and welcome guests with a pizza buffet that adds a fun and casual vibe to your reception. It's a delicious way to celebrate. While you’re at it, ditch the traditional cake and go for something that reflects your personalities. 


Pride LGBTQ+ rainbow wedding cake:



Showcase your pride with a stunning LGBTQ+ rainbow wedding cake. It's a colorful and meaningful addition that symbolizes love in all its forms.


Rainbow flags at LGBTQ+ departure:



Instead of traditional sparklers, have your guests wave rainbow flags at your LGBTQ+ departure. It's a beautiful and inclusive way to send you off into this new chapter of your life.

Get ready together:



Share the anticipation and excitement by getting ready together. It's a personal and intimate experience that adds a special touch to your wedding day.


Tattoo bar instead of wedding favors:



Skip the usual wedding favors and set up a tattoo bar for guests to apply temporary tattoos. It's a fun and memorable way for everyone to commemorate your special day.

Featured are temporary tattoos by Little Paisley Designs on Etsy


Ditch the white dress:



If white is not your color forget it. Go for something that YOU love. Consider a classy pantsuit or jumpsuit. Love the wedding dress vibe but not the traditional colors? Seek out designer gowns in your favorite hues.


Featured here are gowns from Irregular Bridals on Etsy


Your Zoomer wedding is a celebration of love in the digital age. Embrace the power of technology, inclusivity, and creativity to make your special day a memorable and cutting-edge experience. After all, love knows no bounds, and neither should your wedding celebration.


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