Less really is more when it comes to planning the perfect micro-wedding!

Less really is more when it comes to planning a micro-wedding. In this article we share 10 tips to help you plan the perfect East Texas micro-wedding. A micro-wedding is  50 or fewer guests, Your closest family and friends gathered to celebrate in an intimate meaningful way. The ceremony, reception and entertainment can still be very similar to a larger, full-blown affair just with fewer people. By limiting the guest count you have the option of choosing a smaller, potentially less-expensive venue. Additional positives, your catering & cocktail expenses are less.



Here are 10 tips to plan the perfect micro-wedding:


  • You and your partner need to truly be committed to a micro-wedding. Hard decisions will have to be made. Will you stick to your decision when that friend you haven’t seen in 10 years comments on your IG ‘I can’t wait to celebrate with you!’ The reply is, “Thank you, however we are planning a small intimate affair; immediate family only". Don’t feel as though you should apologize for planning a micro-wedding. It’s the economical and environmentally friendly choice. Plus, it’s your wedding!


  • Plan to livestream your ceremony. Live streaming to a social media channel you set up in advance allows those who weren’t on the invitation list to celebrate with you. When it comes to staying on budget and including distant friends and relatives Live Streaming is the new way to celebrate. See #8. Not too long ago I set my alarm for 3 am so I could watch a friends’ wedding in India. It was magical, I was blown away by the stunning florals and my friends beautiful wedding celebration!



  • Ask the caterer to prepare a tasting menu. With a smaller guest list you can ensure the meal is delicious and within your budget. A memorable celebration is composed of friends, family and well-prepared food. Don’t guess or hope it is as delicious as it sounds; request a tasting menu.



  • Hire a wedding coordinator. Don’t think because you’re planning a micro-wedding your mom or a favorite aunt will be on point for directing vendors and guests. Trust me, I’ve seen this fail 95% of the time. A couple times it was epic. Don’t be that wedding. Hire a professional to deal with the hassle of where the DJ’s sound equipment should be located or why the cake baker is late. Ask the venue manager, they may offer this service or can recommend a coordinator they trust.


  • Focus on what matters. A micro-wedding provides couples the opportunity to focus on what really matters to them to create a meaningful and memorable experience. Perhaps it’s stunning floral installations or a gourmet meal complete with seated service instead of buffet. Decide what key elements of the day are important for the two of you. How will you and your guests remember your wedding day?



  • Avoid ‘shiny object syndrome’. This goes for every couple regardless if you're planning a society wedding for 500 or a micro-wedding. Early in the planning stage commit to a style or vibe you both agree on & stick to it. Be willing to say No to anything that does not coordinate with your chosen style. If mid-century terracotta vases don’t mesh with your garden style wedding but you really love them; buy one for your future home. Don't buy 50 and regret the expense later when you realize they were a mistake for your reception.



  • Rent don’t buy. See #6 above? What will you do with 50 bud vases? Facebook marketplace is maxed out with brides trying to sell crap they bought & used once or (more likely) not at all. When discussing rental options with vendors ask if delivery & set up is included. Florist quotes usually include gorgeous rental items for floral centerpieces, ceremony arches as well as candles, votives, candle chimneys & more. The same goes for the caterer. Ask if they offer rental linens, china, and glassware. 


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  • Budget for a Videographer. The latest artistic styles in wedding videography make this a non-negotiable vendor for your wedding. Gone are the blurry VHS movies of your parents' day. We’re talking professional editing, sound and cinematography that you will enjoy watching again and again for years to come. When interviewing videographers ask if they include drone footage. Do they offer live-streaming packages or assistance setting up livestream? Find our favorite DFW based videographer HERE



  • Skip the rehearsal. We’ve all been to enough weddings we know where to stand. it’s an added expense that is unnecessary. Plus it’s another planning ordeal in its own way. Leave the rehearsal event in the 1980’s where it belongs. 


  • Pick the right venue. Your venue is likely the largest expense. Don’t select one based on appearance alone. Is there a separate ceremony location on site or is it all in one space? Do they flip the space from ceremony to reception (insert eye roll). Flipping is for real estate not weddings. What is the rain plan? Is the reception space heated or cooled? Where are restrooms located? Is there a dressing area for the wedding party? Read more about selecting the perfect venue here.

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