Planning a winter wedding but prefer a more personal celebration that stands out from the Christmas clichés?

Let East Texas Flower Farm curate a custom floral design that is your winter wedding, your way.

To add an extra touch of winter magic here are 5 winter bouquets to inspire you! 


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Hellebores, also known as Lenten Roses, bloom in winter, often with snow on the ground around them. A few facts to keep in mind if you’re considering a hellebores bouquet: 

While most varieties are downward facing, newer cultivars like Cinnamon Snow have been developed to minimize this feature, offering a unique winter wedding vibe to your celebration.

Stems are not long, about 8-10” at best so expect a more petite bouquet.

With an extensive array of colors and forms, these charming blossoms will infuse your winter wedding with an air of elegance and classic style, making them a surprisingly sophisticated floral choice. 

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The captivating allure of tulips are easily sourced from certified American Grown farms during winter months. While traditionally associated with spring weddings, we’re here to break the mold and infuse your winter wedding  with the timeless elegance of these blooms.  Combined with blush garden roses, this cascade tulip bouquet exudes romance.



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This floral masterpiece elevates a winter bridal aesthetic with ranunculus, anemone and delicate vines resulting in a captivating bouquet. The beauty is in the details and this design proves you don’t need an overwhelming abundance of blooms for a sophisticated style. The subtle elegance of this carefully curated bouquet makes it the perfect choice for your enchanting winter wedding.



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While Pieris japonica is most often used as an  accent flower in large standing arrangements, the variety, ‘Temple Bells’ is ready to steal the show in your winter wedding bouquet. Stunning grape-like clusters of bell shaped blossoms create a uniquely extraordinary bouquet that stands apart from the usual winter wedding floral designs.

Here ‘Temple Bells’ is combined with orchids and stephanotis creating a textural masterpiece that elevates your bouquet to a true work of art. 



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This might be the most sustainable bouquet of all time. Meet the Tillandsia xerographica, hailed as the ‘Queen’ of air plants. Incorporated into a winter wedding bouquet, this dramatic living plant elevates your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. This striking plant will add a touch of drama and eco-friendly elegance to your celebration.  After the wedding gently remove the air plant from your bouquet and transfer it to  a container designed for this plant. From a stylish terrarium, to a classic ceramic dish or the traditional bark ledge are all perfect abodes for your ‘bouquet’.  


Like all Tillandsia varieties, xerographica requires minimal care; indirect sunlight, water and good air circulation. Give your air plant a spa day about every 10 days soaking it a dish of water for 30 minutes. Remember to allow it to completely dry before replacing it in it’s display container. Your Tillandsia xerographica will thank you with beautiful healthy vibes.


From the delicate allure of Hellebores to the timeless elegance of  Tulips to the extraordinary Pieris and Air Plant creations we hope you’ve found inspiration to make your winter wedding an unforgettable masterpiece. Your winter wedding, curated by East Texas Flower Farm, awaits – a celebration as unique and beautiful as the love you share.




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