What you need to Support an Active Lifestyle After 50


Aging is a given. How can we maintain our active lifestyle after 50, 60 and  even into our 70’s +?

My grandmother lived to be 98 and she would say ‘There’s only one way to not get old.’



One specific choice I make everyday is taking a supplement that is essential for our body to metabolize protein and manufacture collagen.


Sulfur is essential for gene function, DNA repair (good-bye free radicals!) and helping our bodies metabolize protein in order to make new cells. Sulfur is a key element for making glutathione the body’s main antioxidant that reduces inflammation and prevents cell damage caused by oxidative stress [4].


Did you know glutathione is necessary for your body to produce collagen [1]? If you're taking expensive collagen supplements without including sulfur it's very likely you have expensive urine. Your body cannot use that collagen your taking without glutathione. 


Did you know aging is a source of inflammation? The subtle but chronic low-grade inflammation associated with normal aging is what scientists fittingly call ‘inflammaging’[1]. 


Sulfur plays an important role in crucial functions of our body.

  1. Sulfur is necessary for insulin production.
  2. Sulfur is necessary for collagen synthesis for healthy skin & hair. 
  3. Sulfur is necessary for optimal joint function and reduces inflammation in joints.
  4. Sulfur supports a healthy immune system as a result of reduced inflammatory markers [2].


According to a review published by the journal ‘Nutrition & Metabolism’ the average American diet is grossly deficient in Sulfur as a result of eating habits (fast food, processed foods) and modern agriculture practices that have depleted the soil of sulfur [3].

The amount of food a person would have to consume daily to achieve a reasonable amount of sulfur by diet alone is near impossible.




The combination of sulfur depletion in the soil, decreased consumption of protein and reliance on processed foods and destruction of sulfur compounds through cooking combined with our bodies limited ability to store sulfur can result in sulfur deficiency [3].


We need to replenish our sulfur daily.


Something to consider: 'As we age our health will affect us; for some its in the form of active lifestyle choices, wellness supplements and prevention. For most it's in the form of disease, disability and expensive medical treatments and prescriptions. 

Aging is not optional, how we age IS.




Inflammation (oxidative stress) is a natural  result of aging, deterioration and illness. Antioxidants have been proven to slow this deterioration process down.


Just in case you're interested here's a link to my sulfur supplement.



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I am not a physician. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is for educational purposes only.