Hello, I'm Melanie, a Jesus loving wife, mom and flower farmer

Welcome to my farm website!

Where I started

For many years my struggles as a single parent, broken relationships and unhealthy lifestyle choices contributed to bitterness, anxiety and overwhelming guilt. My emotions affected my career and relationship with my family. I was a volcano of emotions.

Today, God has blessed me with a loving, supportive husband and I am excited about what the future holds. I am a Christian wife, mother and holistic nurse entrepreneur. 

Sure things happen and unexpected disappointments occur but they don't destroy my calm. My physical and emotional well-being is in a much better place.

I’m passionate about helping women lift themselves from the same pit I was in 

I’m passionate about natural health and empowering other women as they learn the skills to achieve emotional balance. If you're tired of living in the past, with hurts, anger and bitterness I'm here to share with you how I achieved emotional balance and began living a life of purpose and joy. 

A life in harmony with nature 

I get to choose natural alternatives, essential oils and 100% organic wellness supplements. I practice my faith, exercise my mind and body and live in harmony with my Creator and the natural world around me.