Windowsill Baking Co.

I’m Jill, a home baker & full time stay-at-home mom. I sell my baked goodies locally under the name Windowsill Baking Co. I got the courage about 6 months ago to try selling my baked goods & did my first trade show at Bergfeld Park. It was SO MUCH work, but really rewarding. I’ve done a couple more events since then & have really enjoyed focusing on baking again. 


Here’s a little background on how I came to be so passionate about baking: I was not one of those high school students who knew what they wanted to study or do for a career. I had no real direction & I did a lot of floundering in different colleges, different degree programs; and ultimately never got anywhere but in debt. With lots of college credits under my belt, but no degree to show for it, I decided to enter the professional world as an office employee at a myriad of different companies & professions. In my mid-twenties, I became very interested in cooking & baking blogs & TV shows as they became more & more popular. I began experimenting in my kitchen & while I do love cooking, there is something about baking that is so satisfying. It was the perfect creative outlet for me since my office jobs did not provide anything but a paycheck. I assigned myself the challenge of baking a different cake every week to build my skills and soon I was making birthday cakes for friends & family. I found a job listing at a local bakery, applied with absolutely no experience & luckily was hired. There was a huge learning curve since I had never worked in a kitchen professionally & I ended up doing a lot of grunt work, but I learned so much. I also enrolled in a culinary program at a community college. Those experiences are invaluable to me. I truly love baking & food and the way it brings us together, cheers us up or helps us celebrate. That passion and love goes into everything I bake.


I’d love to make a dessert for your next special event or just fulfill a sweet craving! Find me on Instagram & Facebook @windowsillbakingtx to get in touch & find out where my next local event will be.