Top 10 Gifts for a Gardener


Top 10 Gifts for the Gardener

If you are stumped on what to gift a gardener I've made the top 10 list for you right here. Everyone of these I either own or have it on my Amazon wish list. Anyone of these would be a much loved gift for the gardener in on your holiday or birthday gift list.  



I love pockets when working in the garden and this apron has plenty! With a deep pocket for veggies, tools or even weeds and a bottom that opens to empty the contents into buckets or the compost pile. 

Knee protection and tool caddy for weeding


I spend hours kneeling in the flower field. This device keeps my knees off the wet cold ground in the spring and has a spot for my transplant tools. Setting out 1000's of seedlings requires careful, patient work and this stool makes it a little more comfortable. 


Fork weeder


Have you ever damaged a seedling or transplant while weeding? This fork weeder is my favorite tool for pulling obnoxious weeds from around my transplants or plugs. Lisianthus, is there any seedling that grows slower? This diva of the flower farm requires months of weeding and careful tending. I could not provide my wedding clients with the volume of Lissies that they require without this tool. 

 Garden Gloves


I love a good sturdy pair of gloves. I will never have pretty hands or nails but these gloves protect my hands from rose thorns, blisters and chipped nails. They are a great price and one pair lasts me all summer. Your hands will thank you!


Who doesn't love a great gardening book? The first time I flipped thru the pages of this book I was lost and I never want to be found!

Garden Books


Erin's other book all about dahlia's is on my August birthday wishlist.. {hint to my hubby and kids!}


Garden Journal



Every serious gardener needs a pair of sturdy secateurs or pruners for woody branches and larger stemmed flowers like sunflowers & amaranth.



Did you know some songbirds require nests or houses with specific dimensions? That's right. The American Bluebird is a perfect example. They have particular requirements for their nesting boxes. Deterring predators and aggressive birds is one of the reasons for following the recommendations when constructing your own boxes.



Plant tags

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to remember what a seedling is when the paper tag is missing or the ink ran. I've used craft sticks, twigs and painters tape but these cute tags would be so cute in my trays! I might treat myself to them. 



Trug wagon

We've all heard the old saying, 'Work smarter not harder!' This wagon helps you do just that! Haul soil, mulch, potted plants and tools around your farm with ease. Extra bonus: the tires are 'no flat'. 



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