What is oil pulling and how to do it

What does the National Institutes of Health say about Oil Pulling?


‘The oral cavity harbors billions of microorganisms. Some contribute to development or progression of systemic diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Oral health and general health are interrelated. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy for maintaining oral hygiene. To do the technique the mouth is filled with cold-pressed coconut or sesame oil. Do not swallow, swish the oil for 20 minutes then spit into the garbage. As you are swishing, the oil becomes thin and milky white. Thoroughly rinse your mouth with filtered water when you finish.  Wait 15-30 minutes to brush your teeth and floss’. 


Do NOT spit the oil down the sink or bathtub, it will clog the drain.


One study on the NIH showed a 20% reduction in bacterial count after 40 days of oil pulling with sesame oil. The same study showed a reduction in severity of dental cavities in subjects.


Another NIH study with 60 teens showed a 50% decrease in plaque and gingivitis after 4 weeks of daily oil pulling.





The oils attract the lipid layer of bacterial cells and cause them to stick, ‘pulling’ the oil. During oil pulling, the oil becomes emulsified and the surface area of the oil increases. That happens after just five minutes. Pulling for twenty minutes will ensure thorough removal of bacteria. The oil will coat the teeth and gingiva; and it will inhibit bacteria responsible for gingivitis, periodontitis and bad breath.



Oil pulling activates the salivary enzymes which absorb toxins

It detoxifies the entire human body

It reduces plaque-induced gingivitis

It helps with bleeding gums and repairs swollen gums

It reduces free radical activity in the oral cavity

It generates antioxidants

Teeth become whiter, breath is fresher and oral muscles are strengthened

Reduces general sensitivity in the mouth

Oil pulling can help reduce the number of harmful bacteria found in the plaque and saliva that wear away enamel and cause tooth decay


Oil pulling should not be done in place of brushing your teeth. It does completely different things for the mouth. It’s a great compliment to brushing and flossing.