Tips to Support Your Gut Flora

How do you support your gut flora? 

Refrigerators were not widely available for home consumers until the 1920’s. The ability to keep food from spoiling by chilling has drastically altered our diet. This is both good and bad. By the 1970’s people no longer canned, gardened or fermented their own food as 'Big Ag' and food research advanced mass production of produce and grains. Pesticides and preservatives were developed to grow more and keep it ‘fresh longer’. Nitrates and Nitrites began to be added to meat to prevent spoilage.



Unhealthy gut flora or dysbiosis sets up a degenerative change in the digestive wall which further impacts our ability to absorb vital nutrients. Opportunistic bacteria become out of control and the good bacteria that keeps them in check is diminished because the diet – processed wheat, starches, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and commercial dairy all contribute to an imbalance in the gut microbiome.



What you can do to protect your gut flora

1. Limit sugar intake. The average American consumes 57 gms of sugar a day – your goal should be under 10 gms.

2. Shop for organic foods, not just in the produce section but in the dairy aisle as well. Look for hormone free milk. Pay the extra cost. Cut back on processed snacks, pop and cookies and spend the dollars on organic blueberries and grass-fed beef.

3. Eliminate processed lunch meats and hot dogs; any food that has Nitrates or Nitrites in the ingredients list. Go for the kosher hot dog options. It's worth the extra money in your family's health.