How to Hygge in the Summer

You can hygge at any time of year and summer is the perfect time of year to get back in touch with nature.

Flowers, whether you buy a cheap bunch from the supermarket or pick wild flowers on the roadside, flowers are the fastest way to add summer hygge to your house.

Warm summer evenings are the perfect time to hygge under the stars!

Fairy lights, throw blankets, bright tablecloths and chilled wine are simple yet effective additions to any outside space, and they make late nights talking under the stars even more special.

Embrace summer nights by going outside, lying down and watching the stars. This can not only be super relaxing and hygge, but you can learn so much about the stars and planets by observing them.

Try and find constellations or you could even invest in a telescope if you really want to learn about our universe!

The essence of hygge is to be present and appreciate the simple things that come into your life. I hope I’ve given you some ideas to enjoy that hygge feeling in the summer months.