Do your flowers have goals?



Depending on how you plan to use the flower; in market bouquets, wedding & event design or bouquet subscriptions you should ask yourself ‘what is my goal for this flower?

This question should drive the decision on whether to purchase and put in the effort to grow each cultivar you choose.



Bouquet subscriptions: Building a bouquet subscription business takes time. Getting to know your customer and cultivating relationships with them. Consider giving your subscribers first chance to purchase tickets for workshops and events you are hosting. They are making a commitment to you, show them you appreciate their business. Flower customers love to see the ‘behind the scenes’ images and videos so be sure to include these in the newsletter or blog on a regular basis (I’m still struggling with this).

A tip to grow your subscriptions: Visit businesses that might be interested in a regular delivery of fresh, locally grown flowers. Consider spas and beauty salons, hotels, upscale restaurants and museums. Consider offering realtors a special package for their buyers on closing day. Locally grown flowers make a great Thank You gift for the new home buyer!



Wedding and Events: Wedding design work requires a lot from a flower. These blooms must be workhorses that can stand up to being handled, trimmed, arranged in tight installations or bouquets and then travel to the delivery point. At delivery on the wedding day, the flowers must be at their best and continue to shine for the entirety of the celebration. 


The Farmer’s Market: If you are growing for bouquets to sell at Farmers' Markets remember to offer something that the produce sellers will not likely be offering. Most produce farmers grow zinnia, cosmos, sunflowers - you get the picture. Your bouquets must stand out to attract the flower buyers’ notice. Your farmer's market customer will usually prefer more bright, colorful flowers than, say a bride or event coordinator.

Cut Flower Seedlings: Another option to consider is growing cut flower seedlings for resale. Be sure to check into your state’s legal requirements, licensing and permits to sell living plants. Offering cut flower seedlings for home flower growers can set you apart at the Farmer’s Market or be a thoughtful thank you gift to your subscribers. Most big box stores do not sell the specialty cut flowers like Cosmos, Bells of Ireland or Love-in-a-mist. You can meet a niche market’s need by providing these flowers for gardeners to enjoy in their own yards. Consider a 9-pack with different varieties that would essentially be a cut flower garden ready to be planted.

What are your flower goals?

My flower goals are divided into two service categories: Market & Subscription, Events & Workshops.

  1. Market and Subscription
    1. Market bouquets - colorful annuals that appeal to the spontaneous shopper. Easy to plop into a container and enjoy for at least a week so long as the water is changed daily.
      1. Colorful annuals
      2. Kraft paper wrap/twine
      3. QR code for newsletter sign up and social media
    2. Subscription bouquets - a slightly  upscale version of the market bouquet but with feature blooms for extra wow.
      1. Colorful annuals with extra foliage and a feature bloom
      2. Kraft paper wrap/twine
      3. QR code for newsletter sign up and social media
      4. Every other bouquet there is a free gift as a ‘Thank you’. It might be a small bar of farmhouse soap,  a packet of flower seed or a seedling, fresh produce (tomatoes or squash for ex.)

  1. Events and Workshops
    1. Bouquet Bar - moderately fragile blooms along with long stemmed, workhorses like roses and snapdragon.
      1. For  private events this is customized to some degree; if a client has a particular flower they would like included {depending on the clients’ budget and availability of blooms}. Additional blooms and special requests can affect the price.
      2. 3 tiered flower stand with 9 containers - ribbon and signage with instructions
      3. Typical flower bar April - May would include Ranunculus, Roses, Delphinium, Foxglove, Yarrow, Feverfew and Stock along with foliage in additional floor displays. Flowers change with seasons. Sunflowers, Lisianthus and Dahlias are featured in summer. Fall includes ornamental goblin gourds, Chinese lanterns, seed pods and grains.
      4. Ribbon and kraft paper wrap is provided along with assistance for each guest as much or as little as they need.
    2. Workshops - These flowers must be tough and beautiful. 
      1. For private workshops and classes we work closely with the client to coordinate the details and align with clients’ goals for the event.
        1. Flower Crown (popular with mothers & daughters) - This is a workshop in a seated structure with all supplies provided for each attendee (2 for mother/daughter or 1 for adult individual) Designers lead the class from start to finish ensuring each guest leaves with a beautiful flower crown they created. 
        2. Bouquet Bar as described above - casual come & go with personal assistance provided to each guest as needed. This is a popular option for wedding receptions, showers and corporate events.
        3. Flower Design 101 - 6” vase or container, florals, tools and supplies provided in a seated class like structure. Designer led workshop with personal assistance provided as little or as much as needed. Each guest creates his or her own beautiful floral arrangement to take home and enjoy.



Drop me an email at the link below and share your flower growing tips, goals and something new you’re growing this year. The best part about this flower farm life is all the support we share with one another.


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